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Ideas and hidden eye tears manufactured in the disappointment of a life that was not
No more than a little focus on the unimportant materialistic status
Instead she puts one sense to capture all scents high in the clouds
A head of Benjamin’s perfume in addition to Franklin’s security
How do we decide whose entitled to hide behind the bodyguard?
Apparently she
With Tupperware plastic her marinated leftover body guards
Body parts infected with rust due to approaching old age
As erotic fantasies continuously press play in the youth’s portable cinemas
Not really made for walking
Luxurious boots stuff the hollow gaps between spreading gossips of other women’s husband’s doings
She was a winner until she failed
Happily married actually losing

Her life is a lie
Is a lie

She was reassured by those sacred vows recited back in her direction
Because prior she had little
And little did nothing to manipulate her ordinary reflection into the extra
Ordinary deception became routine, highly practiced, popularized and accepted
To an optimistic outsider the story reads that her bed sheets remain half full
With a 60 percent chance of her leaky heart containing half love
No butterflies, instead her stomach holds half dove
Who flew, so no sink by tear filled or burned by candle wax lined half bathtub
Her accusations proved not guilty due to Cochran’s half glove
Because the other fingers were busy
Was it half the abuser that abused her?
Forced not a hit, no push, and half shove

Her life is a lie
Is a lie

Trapped in a mansion of silence
Except for the distant cries
Never mistaken for laughter, true frowns
Slurred words are the product of a mouth stuffed full with contaminated dollars
No questions asked concerning the integrity of what ruled her world
For in the adulterer she trusts but little she knew
That the success of her extravagant lifestyle was ruled by the illegal theft of skin and bones that kept may family’s members whole
Paid to dissect the diseased so denied their rest in peace
Their missing pieces swapped with random garbage in preparation for what should be the celebration of their life
And other ruined because the transplants tested positive
So the happiness she purchased, paid in full relation by or to the future death of another
Her innocence but felt wife guilt
Wonderful life not so finally hit her

Her life is a lie
Is a lie


from Powerlines EP, released February 23, 2010



all rights reserved


Kameron Raleigh, North Carolina

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