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I try to maintain the power in my lines
Like the lyrical dancer recites their message but maintains the integrity and power in their lines
Those powerful thighs dressed and hugged by an elegant pink tutu
As they perform their stance on anti apartheid and the definition of beauty balanced a top those charged power lines
An electric performance rarely seen as it brings grown men down to their knees but not to propose a question
It evokes personal flaws of aggression
The powerful flight only hides the temporary lows of depression and the dancers jeep moving on
The rhythm keeps drumming as the flip flop wearing cool shades energizer bunny serenades the lovely legs of ladies in all shades
As the lines vibrate proceeding long leaps that never fail at imitating the frequency of guitar sound waves
Strings played across various distances from there to somewhere via the great bridge
Don’t drowned in the amniotic fluid
Life found by sonar, ultra sound, sonography or parallel lines equate such latitude problems in the spoiled teens of today’s day
Lights seen on the warm side of the window are black lines
Handmade and serve as a picture frame for the sky behind and everything between it flies to hit the border shocked and static charged surprise
An expected gift from the power lines
Everywhere, look for them


from Powerlines EP, released February 23, 2010



all rights reserved


Kameron Raleigh, North Carolina

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